Pictures of Persian Kitten CH Fabian
Born Sept 8, 2008

Persian Cat Fabian is a Male Flame Lynx Point Persian Himalayan Kitten. CH Fabian was the fourth kitten born at 5:20 am and weighed a 84 grams. CH Fabian wil be a small kitten and weigh of 5~6 lbs as a full grown persian cat. CH Fabian was such a surprise! Petulia was all settled in and nursing her three kittens when all of a sudden, with one big contraction, CH Fabian came. A very welcomed surprise. CH Fabian was such a beautiful newborn. CH Fabian purrs as she nurses She has her mommie’s Petulia’s cute face and turned up nose. CH Fabian is a talker kittie. She will let me know when she wants to be closer to me than the other kittens. She’ll lay stretched out on her back, and I will let me eat up her belly, she loves it. As soon as I touch her she meows. CH Fabian is a very alert, confident kitten. CH Fabian has a very outgoing personality! CH Fabian is The Princess of the house. She sits like a Princess, and walks like one with her tail high in the air with her cute legs rubbing against each other because her fur is so thick. CH Fabian loves to be the first to greet people when they come over. She walks in and around their legs. Then when they sit down, she will jump in their lap.CH Fabian likes to sleep on top of me. CH Fabian’s fur is so soft it’s like petting a chincilla, it’s so beautiful. CH Fabian’s eyes are big & bright like a shining blue crystal gem !

CH Fabian is The Persian Kittens © Next Rock
Star Stud !

CH Fabian is a Flame Lynx Point Persian Himalayan Kitten

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Persian Kittens © CH Fabian has a beautiful round head & has big electric blue eyes !
Having fun in the snow. His breeder is from Florida !

Persian Kittens © CH Rocky looks like a chocolate Persian Kittens © CH Fabian frolicking in the yard !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian is playing with the kittens ! He is so good with the kittens !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian looks so cute & likes to hang out on the desk with me !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian’s lynx points can really be seen in this photo !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian’s electric blue eyes can really be seen in this photo !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabiania an awesome Flame Lynx Point with amazing
Electric Blue eyes !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian looks like he’s nursing, when actually he’s just trying
to groom the newborns. Fabian is so caring !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabianl lynx pointsare so rare, and look amazing !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian is so friendly, he wanted to visit with everyone !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian won over this judge ! He won 1st place with this judge !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabiani wasvery outgoing & likes to meet new people ! Fabian won
1st place with this judge !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabianl was a favorite by this judge, Fabian won 1st place !
Persian Kittens © CH Fabian knocking on the carrier of the female cats benched next to us, such a Playboy !

pictures of Persian Kittens © CH Fabian at The Persian Kittens ® =(^:^)=
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