Persian Kittens Rocky

Pictures of Persian Kitten CH Rocky Born June 20, 2007

Persian Kitten Rocky

Persian Kittens Rocky is a male Lilac Lynx Point Persian Himalayan Kitten. Rocky was the first born at 2:22 pm. He was 101 grams at birth. Even as a newborn kitten, he was very attached to his sister Maxim, and us. Every time I would look in on him, he would lay on his back and tug at my hair, and kick his legs like and gurgle like a baby very sweet! Rocky pretty much picked us, and he stayed with us. Rocky loves his sister Maxim so much, they played like a cartoon, flying all through the house. Rocky has loved his little sister CH Priscilla too. He will groom and clean his mother and sisters, and help his mommie Coco with all the newborn kittens. Rocky has grown into a Champion and is now CH Rocky! When people request a kitten, “I want Rocky” is what we often hear in the forms, and looking through the Proud Owners pages you’ll see that many of our male lilac point persian kittens turn out to be clones of Rocky !

CH Rocky stayed with THE PERSIAN KITTENS ®

Persian Kittens ® CH Rocky is a Male Lilac Lynx Point Persian Himalayan Kitten

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Persian Kittens ® CH Maxi is so beautiful the most beautiful cat in the entire World !!!!