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Persian Kittens Pictures- CH Maxwell & Petulia’s Kittens~ Born Aug 26,2016>

Persian Kittens Pictures- CH Maxwell & Petulia’s Kittens~ Born Aug 26,2016

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CH Maxwell & Petulia’s Perian Kittens

Persian Cats CH Maxwell & Petulia welcomed their beautiful Persian Kittens born in the early morning of Friday August 26, 2016 right on her due date. CH Maxwell is a Blue Eyed Flame Point Persian Himamlayan, and Petulia is a Blue Eyed Cream Point Exotic. Both parents Petulia & CH Maxwell are being very attentive to their kittens, constanly making sure they are well. This was the first and an easy birth, no complications or problems for Petulia! Our persian kittens are 2 Beautiful Girls, and two beautiful boys. Desirae was the first born. She came out walking and ready to nurse. Next was Ryker the littlest one we’ve ever had, but full of energy. Third born just sixteen mnutes later was cute Spencer. He was meowing very loud. Last but not least was big beautiful Camille. We thought Petulia was done when she delivered Spencer because she laid down and started nursing the three already born. Then all of a sudden Camille came out quickly and was ready to nurse right away. Both girls had very healthy birth weights, and are nursing constantly growing stronger every day. The girls are like ltittle tomboys, they play fight and climb the scratch post. The boys are typical boys and are constantly playing. Ryker the smallest is putting on so much weight everyday. Ryker is now the biggest! When I get up in the middle of the night, all four kittens wake up and gather around my ankles. I pick each of them up and kiss them. Then it’s back to bed and they all sleep next to my pillow. When it’s time to wake up, I say come on babies it’s time to eat. They all follow me down to the basement and wait for me to cut up the chicken breast and hand feed it to them. It’s so cute. Then they run around and chase each other. Then when I say babies it’s time to go upstairs, they follow me, and I feed them Goat milk. They are so well behaved. (click any thumb picture below to access their page). We will be uploading pictures and videos regularly, so keep checking back to see the kittens progress, and see them in their new homes in our Proud Owners page. If interested in adopting from current or future kitten litters, please submit an Adoption Form. We will get back to you within 24 hrs.

No Solicitations Please!

~The Persian Kittens®=(^:^)=

cream point persian himalayanPersian Kitten Desirae

Persian Kitten Desirae is a female Doll Face Long Hair Exotic Cream Point Exotic Persian Himalayan Kitten. Desirae was the first born at 3:26 am, and weighed a healthy 90 grams. She was a very healthy weight. She will be medium small 5-7 lbs. Desirae will look almost pure white and have a thick tail like her CH Daddy Maxwell. Desirae is already sweet and likes my kisses. She loves her mommie and meows when her mommie Petulia comes in to to nurse & groom her. She is a happy, playful kitten. Desirae loves to be groomed. She likes me to scratch the top of her head and her back. She just rolls over and purrs. When she lays next to me on the bed and I pet her, she puts her paw softly on my chin and puts her face next to mine and rubs her cute little face into mine. She is a darling kitten. Desirae loves to chase Ryker around. They rumble around all the time. Desirae licks and grooms all her siblings. She is so sweet. Desirae will be a mini version of her Beautiful mommie Petulia & will a have a very cute and very round face. She will be gorgeous & very fluffy white! Desirae’s fur feels soft like a mink coat. Desirae will look like Daisy & Coco. (click Desirae’s photo to access Desirae’s webpage)

Desirae has been Adopted by Kristina & Family !

cream point persian himalayanPersian Kitten Ryker

Persian Kitten Ryker is a male Cream Point Exotic Persian Himalayan Kitten. Ryker was the second born at 3:30 am, and weighed a tiny 68 grams. He will weigh 8~11 lbs. as a full grown persian cat. He was a very tiny weight. However when he latched onto a nipple that was his. It was Petulia’s biggest nipple! He wil be medium persian cat @ 8~10 lbs. Ryker will look almost pure white like his CH Daddy Maxwell. Ryker is already sweet and likes my kisses, and will suck on my lip. He loves his mommie and meows when his mommie Petulia grooms him. He is a happy, playful kitten. He is so sweet and purrs while he nurses. He likes me to rub his belly. Ryker was the first kitten to climb the pet stairs next to my bed. When he made it to the top and saw me he had the cutest look on his face and immediatelty came over to me and gave me kisses. From then on he sleeps next to me. Ryker is a very playful kitten. Even when I pet him, he purrs and grabs my hand with all his paws and rolls around, it’s very endearing. It’s amazing that Ryker was such a tiny kitten, because now when I ‘m in the basement sitting and cutting up the chicken breast, Ryker eats the pieces faster than I can cut it. Ryker has his mommie Petulia’s face and pretty big blue eyes & will have his daddy’s CH Maxwell’s thick soft fur. He will be gorgeous & very fluffy white! Ryker will look like Rexx, & Dale. (click Ryker’s photo to access Ryker’s webpage)

Ryker has been Adopted by Suzanne !

cream point persian kittenPersian Kitten Spencer

Persian Kitten Spencer is a male Exotic Flame Point Exotic Persian Himalayan Kitten. Spencer was the third kitten born at 4:00 am and weighed 72 gramsde. Spencer will be a medium persian cat full grown, and weigh between 8~11 lbs. Spencer arrived smoothly and was meowing right away to nurse! Spencer purrs as he nurses. Spencer had so much fur as a newborn. Spencer is already a talker. As soon as I touch him, he meows. Spencer is a very alert confident kitten. Spencer likes to walk around. Spencer has a very outgoing personality! Spencer bounces as he walks because he is such a happy kitten. He loves new toys that I bring him. He will play with them till he has to have a catnap. He is such a Lover too! In the middle of the night, he will come up to my face and start kissing my lips, and then start kneeding on my chest with his paws, all the while purring. He’s so adorable. When I’m on the laptop in bed, he will lay between me and the laptop, just watching everything on the screen while I pet him and kiss the top of his head. He usually sleeps on top of me all night. Spencer has the longest and thickest fur, more than any kitten I have ever raised. It’s like a Fox coat. Spencer doen’t look like either parent, he’s beautiful either way. Spencer is the most Beautiful by far kitten I have ever bred. Not only that, he is the most affectionate, smart and playful kitten I have ever had. I will be very sad to part wiith him him… Spencer’s eyes will be big & very deep sapphire blue, against fluffy cream pointed, and white thick glossy fur with a thick mane like his Daddy CHampion Maxwell, he will be a drop dead gorgeous. Spencer will look like Merlin, and Max Mera. (click Spencer’s photo to access Spencer’swebpage)

Spencer has been Adopted by Judi & Dave !

cream point persian kittenPersian Kitten Camille

Persian Kitten Camille is a female Long Hair Exotic Cream Point Exotic Persian Himalayan Kitten. Camille was the fourth kitten born at 5:20 am and weighed a 84 grams. Camille wil be a small kitten and weigh of 5~6 lbs as a full grown persian cat. Camille was such a surprise! Petulia was all settled in and nursing her three kittens when all of a sudden, with one big contraction, Camille came. A very welcomed surprise. Camille was such a beautiful newborn. Camille purrs as she nurses She has her mommie’s Petulia’s cute face and turned up nose. Camille is a talker kittie. She will let me know when she wants to be closer to me than the other kittens. She’ll lay stretched out on her back, and I will let me eat up her belly, she loves it. As soon as I touch her she meows. Camille is a very alert, confident kitten. Camille has a very outgoing personality! Camille is The Princess of the house. She sits like a Princess, and walks like one with her tail high in the air with her cute legs rubbing against each other because her fur is so thick. Camille loves to be the first to greet people when they come over. She walks in and around their legs. Then when they sit down, she will jump in their lap.Camille likes to sleep on top of me. Camille’s fur is so soft it’s like petting a chincilla, it’s so beautiful. Camille’s eyes will be big & bright like a shining blue crystal gem. Camille will look like Cherie & Mia.
(click Camille’s photo to access Camille’s webpage)

Camille has been Adopted by Christine M.!

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