Persian Kittens FAQ’s

Persian Kittens Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Question:  “Are males or females more affectionate?

Answer:  We have tried to capture the personalities of all our kittens in our persian kitten videos, and our persian kitten galleries.  In our experience and opinion each kitten has a unique personality.  Since they are from Maxi and Coco, all our kittens possess sweet, smart, affectionate, and caring personalities.  We couldn’t ask for sweeter, outgoing, social kittens and cats. The choice between male or female will have to be based on your personal preference.

  Question:  “Do males spray?

Answer:  Through our experience with other breeders and people that have contacted us, whether or not a cat will spray is usually a major function of their genes, and to a lesser extent is based on environment. Females can spray and mark their territory just like males!  None of our cats or kittens have this gene. Many times when a cat is in a stressful home, the gene wil express itself and they will spray.  There is a fellow breeder nearby that has 2 females that constantly spray because they are competitive over which one will get the male. No doubt her females also carry this “Spraying Gene” and they are in a competitive stressful home.  Spraying may also be an early warning sign of early Kidney disease, PKD-Polycystic Kidney Disease. All our kittens are from parents that have tested negative for PKD. As stated on our home page, our cats and kittens cooperate and are very loving and caring toward each other, that is very evident in our  kitten videos.

  Question:  “Are the kittens really toilet trained?

Answer:  Yes, we use Litter Kwitter They have a video on their site that explains and shows the product and training process. We train our kittens to use both the toilet and litter box.  If however we get a request to have a kitten use the litter box we train that kitten for the litter box exclusively. Some familes may have a cat in their home that isn’t trained, or do not have a designated “cat toilet.”


Here is a very intersting site about potty training your cats:

It lists the many benefits of potty training our kittens and cats.

  Question:  “Some photos show your cats and kittens outdoor, should I let my kitten go outside?

Answer:  We believe that healthy, happy cats and kittens need a workout.
We have a safe clean secure fenced yard free from parasites, and since we do follow our vaccine schedule-they are safe from disease transmission that may occur by other animals going through our yard. Our cats and kittens are always supervised and never left outside alone.  We excercise, play and interact with all our cats and kittens. They love to play fetch, and learn new tricks. That is why our kittens are so well socialized-we love to play with them. We don’t advocate having cats that are allowed to roam freely outdoors! Only if you have a high fenced yard and will supervise your cats and kittens, and have your cats and kittens up to date on shots, would it be safe for your cats to go outside.

  Question:  “How do you ship and where?

Answer:  We personally fly with our kittens on our lap-anywhere in the Continental US. Since our kittens are never out of our site, there’s virtually no stress, and the transition to their new pet parents is safe and secure.  It  would be easier to Cargo ship, but too many things can go wrong.  Too often there are long plane delays which can expose our kittens to dangerous temperatures, or long periods without food or water. By personally delivering our kittens, they are never out of a humans hands and they adjustment immediately to their new homes.  The best interest of our kittens are our primary goal.

  Question:  “What is the difference between a persian and himalayan?

Answer:  None. Himalayans are not a separate breed, rather a term for their color points, they are Persian Cats.

  Question:  “I don’t plan on showing or breeding, i just want a pet does it matter?

Answer:  The fact that our kittens are from Champion and Grand Champion lines means they have been well bred, and not only have physical beauty, but are very hardy and healthy persian kittens because of superior breeding. Persian Cat Breeders of Champion are dedicated to the best for the breed, and there is less of a chance of overbreeding, and inbreeding. Being a Champion means that a cat or kitten is the the cream of the crop, and has the best structure and is usaully free from many genetic defects. Having the best start in life by having the best possible genes, can help ensure that your kitten will have a long, happy and healthy life with you.  Most of the people that adopt from us only want an affectionate, healthy beautiful kitten, and don’t plan on showing or breeding.

  Question:  “Why don’t you have a direct email, and or phone number listed on your site?

Answer:  We had our phone number and email listed, and our email was spammed with online drug pharmacies, and porno site links. We were also contacted by many overseas Brokers with offers such as: “We represent a client that will purchase your item, & pay for shipping if you give your name, address, and phone number to send a check, Western Union money transfer, escrow, or Moneygram.”  Most of these scammers are from other countries and would call in the middle of the night. Whether they are financial scammers, or actual kitten brokers-they are people that have no real interest in the well being of our kittens.  Having a form, sincere people that are truly looking to give a wonderful home to our kittens will fill it out.  Scam artists won’t take the time to fill it out.  We keep all the information confidential, and all information is used only to find the best home for our precious kittens.

  Question:  “I’ve seen other sites that look similar to yours and say similar things, and have pictures similar to yours, are these sister sites or are they affiliated with Designer Persian Kittens?

Answer:  Absolutely not!  We own Designer Persian Kittens®, Designer Persian Cats®, The Persian® (&.net), The Persian® (&.net), Persian Kittens®, Persian Kittens®, those are our Persian Kittens and Cats related sites. We are original and everything we claim is verifiable on our site.  There is only one The Persian Kittens and Cats!