Persian Kitten Pricing

Persian Kitten Price

Persian kitten prices can vary widely. Not only does the price of Persian kittens depend on the location of the cattery or Persian Cat breeder, but availability and the time of year. Here are just a few reasons why prices may vary so much and what you can expect to pay for a Persian cat or Persian kitten. (Read an article on Pricing a Pedigreed)
• Location of breeder;
• Time of year;
• Registered or unregistered Persian kittens;
• Guarantee;
• Placement policies and packet;
• Health;
• Color;
• Quality (pet, breeder, show)

Location of Breeder

The location of the Persian Kitten breeder can play a part in the price of a Persian. On the U.S. east coast, and mid-west the price of Persian cats seem to be higher than those in the west coast, or southern states. These price differences are based on the overall cost of living in the different regions.

Time of Year

The time of year that kittens are available can play a role in the price of Persian cats. Most cats come into season when there is more daylight and longer days. Therefore, during the winter cats do not come into heat as often or at all. This means that there are very few Persian kittens available in the early part of the year. The scarcity of kittens during this time of year can drive the price of Persian kittens up (not a lot, but enough). Additionally, many Persian cat breeders plan the breeding of their cats around show schedules.

Registered or Unregistered

Persian cat price can vary because of whether or not the kittens are registered. Reputable Persian cat breeders sell registered kittens and cats. However, a breeder may withhold registration papers on their kittens until they receive written verification that the kitten has been altered. Unless your kitten is registered, you have no proof that the Persian kitten you are looking at is actually purebred or the offspring of purebred Persian cats.


Reputable Persian Kitten breeders provide their kitten buyers with a written contract and health guarantee. Health guarantees differ from breeder to breeder so it is important to ask about a health guarantee and read it thoroughly before purchasing the kitten. If the Persian cat breeder says that they have cats that are DNA tested negative for PKD – ask to see those certificates. A reputable breeder should not be offended by that request.


A reputable Persian Kitten breeder spends a great deal of time and money ensuring that their cats and kittens are healthy. They test for known genetic problems in the Persian cat breed. They have their cats routinely examined by their veterinarian. Their cats and kittens have age appropriate vaccinations and wormings. They maintain the proper diet for the age of kitten, and monitors the growth of the kittens.

Persian Kitten Colors

Persian cats come in a variety of colors: solid color, bi-color, tabbies, color points, particolor. Some colors are more popular with breeders, show people, judges and buyers. This popularity (or lack of) can influence the price of Persian cats.

Persian Kitten Quality

Reputable Persian Kitten breeders breed to the breed standard of their preferred registry (i.e., CFA, TICA). They breed because of their love for the Persian breed, because they love their cats, because they love kittens and because they just enjoy their cats. They want to improve the breed by breeding cats that will improve on what they are whether it be looks or genetic health. Not every Persian kitten will meet the exacting criteria of their breed standard. These faults are usually minor in nature (i.e., ears set too high, eyes not round enough, a bad bite, coat not being long or plush enough). Just because a Persian kitten has a fault according to the breed standard does not make it less desirable. The price of a Persian may reflect how close to the breed standard the kitten is. Pricing on Persians also depends on bloodlines distinguished by Champion (CH), Grand Champion (GC), National, National Breed and/or Regional winning parentage (NW, BW, RW) or of Distinguished Merit parentage (DM). The DM title is achieved by the dam (mother) having produced five CFA grand champion/premier (alter) or DM offspring, or sire (father) having produced fifteen CFA grand champion/premier or DM offspring.

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We have all heard the old saying “you get what you pay for.” This is never more true than when looking for a purebred Persian cat or kitten. Look for an experienced, dedicated Persian cat breeder who obviously cares a great deal about their cats, their breeding program, their reputation, the health and well-being of their cats – NOT just the money the kitten may bring.