The Persian Kittens ® Health Guarantee

   Persian Kittens® Health Guarantee

Persian Kittens ® Persian Kittens ® wants you to be happy with our kittensl We guarantee NO problems, and offer this health guarantee. At six weeks kittens lose antibodies because the immunity which was provided by it’s mother from nursing starts to wear off as a kitten is weaned. When our kittens are six weeks old we have all kittens examined by a licensed Veterinarian. Due to immunization controversies, we no longer immunized our kittens, We leave that up to the new pet parents to do if they wish. We do provied a schedule of immunization recommendations. We keep detailed records of exams and kitten development, and provide it along with a Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian, along with Persian Kittens ® written Health Guarantee to new pet parents.

   Feline Vaccinations between 8 & 14 weeks

•Distemper virus (also called Panleukopenia) – Extremely contagious, often fatal to adults, almost always fatal to kittens.The actual “distemper vaccine includes the following:
—– Rhinotracheitis – most severe & common upper respiratory virus
—– Calicivirus – major cause of upper respiratory disease
—– Chlamydiosis – highly contagious bacterial infection of the eyes

•Feline Leukemia – Feline Leukemia – Number one infectious killer of cats in the US. Any bodily fluid of an infected cat (tears, urine, saliva, blood, etc.) can transmit the disease. Drinking out of the same water dish, playing together, fighting, breeding, or any other contact can also tansmit it.

•Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) – Acts upon the immune system, eventually causing permanent liver and kidney problems. Transmitted through any bodily fluids and is also airborne.

   Persian Kittens Vaccine Schedule
Feline Vaccinations and Regular Care
Age “Distemper”* Other
8 wks X       Treat for intestinal worms
11 wks X      
14 wks X X   X
24wks X X      X         X  
annual X X X    
   Hereditary and Congenital Defects

Persian Kittens ® further warrants that all our kittens are free and clear of known feline hereditary and congenital defects. We guarantee all kittens leaving Persian Kittens ® are healthy for a one year period. To be valid, the new owner must have our kitten seen by a licensed Vertinarian within 5 days of leaving Persian Kittens ® to verify the health condition of our kittens. If the new home has multiple pets, our kitten should be kept separate from those pets until seen by a Vet. We do not advocate declawing (ever), or spay/neuter before at least 10 months of age. If planning on either, we’d appreciate notice of your plans, and our guarantee becomes null and void after any surgery to the kitten. We do not warranty our kittens that present themselves after leaving The Persian Kitten® against upper respirtory infections, that can happen by the stress of the flight, We also do not warranty our kittens against skin condions ie. fleas or ringworm. These conditions are very contagious and can be picked up easily by such things as street shoes or even younger children which is out of out control. Therefore we don’t guaranty these conditions.

   Affordable Health Care Options

Persian Kittens ® participates in several Veterinary Health Care services and plans, and can work with you to help you obtain low cost Veterinary services for your new kitten. We firmly believe that if your kitten isn’t feeling well, you shouldn’t wait to see if your kitten gets better. With an affordable kitten health plan you can have peace of mind that you can take your kitten in anytime, without spending a fortune. We don’t want a kitten’s health to be compromised because of finances. We have several appealling options that can help you and you new kitten.