Pictures of Persian Kitten Rëgan Born March 22, 2009


This is Rëgan Sir Charmalot (Rëgan is pronounced reegan)~the first born at 10:29 pm, he weighed 117 grams at birth. Rëgan is a lilac lynx point persian. He is very sweet and absolutely loves to be cuddled. Rëgan is a very healthy boy. He has nearly tripled his weight in two weeks. He is very alert and when we talk to him he will lift his head and listen-that’s amazing for a newborn! Rëgan is very sweet & well behaved.Rëgan loves to talk back, soon as he hears us call, he will meow with such a sweet kitten voice. This little Persian Kittens eyes are very sultry and he has a sexy look on his big beautiful face. Rëgan will look very much like our Champion Rocky, Mina and Willow, and will have the same beautiful head and large crystal blue eyes like his Daddy CH Maxi.See Rëgan in his adorable video)

Rëgan has been Adopted by Annette D!

Rëgan Sir Charmalot is a Male Lilac Point Persian Himalayan Kitten

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Persian Kittens © Rëgan & Maxi Jr.

Persian Kittens © Rëgan & Maxi Jr.

Persian Kittens © Rëgan’s Lilac Points are starting to show~cute baby kitten, he’s like a Teddy Bear.

Persian Kittens © Rëgan a very cute Persian Kitten.

Persian Kittens © Rëgan simply purrfect !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan and his Daddy CH Maxi, resting after a photo shoot!

Persian Kittens © Rëgan liked his little chair-he took a nap on it!

Persian Kittens © Rëgan and his big beautiful cheeks-that are kissed often !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan likes to jump into boxes !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan is so cute here and looks exactly like our CH Rocky in this picture.

Persian Kittens © Rëgan our Pretty CowBoy !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan can do “High Fives” and he’s only 4 weeks old! {hit refresh to see again}

Persian Kittens © Rëgan loves to play with the pompom!
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Persian Kittens © Rëgan is a very good boy and uses his scratching post !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan likes to climb his scratching post! He is up for anything…

Persian Kittens © Rëgan 4 weeks old in this picture, his fur is so thick !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan is a very chatty little persian kitten !

As soon as Rëgan hears his name he meows as if to say what?

Rëgan and Maxi Jr.’s first Easter Party! Both kittens are so sweet with each
other and have started to groom each other !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan could smell little kitty treats in the Easter egg, and liked playing with the Easter Bunnies !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan~~only 3 weeks old and has a BEAUTIFUL face, very sultry and sexy !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan~~deep blue eyes will keep changing till they are like Maxi’s Clear Sparkling Sky Blue !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan 13 days old and keeps getting cuter !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan~~first to open his eyes-Wow pretty blue eyes!

Persian Kittens © Rëgan his eyes starting to open-and very curious !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan has his mommie’s color, but definitely has his Daddy’s beautiful round Purrfect face !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan-what else can be said-“Perfection”!

Persian Kittens © Rëgan has his Daddy’s Cute thick whiskers and Big Paws !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan talking already~all who’ve adopted are amazed at how talkative our Persian Kittens are !

Persian Kittens © Rëgan posing like the Prince he is!

PPersian Kittens © Rëgan talking at 2 days old!

Persian Kittens © Rëgan at 2 days old! What a pretty face-even as a newborn!

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